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Thursday, June 9, 2022

The gaming and sponsorship platform EsportsPro; unleashed its newest feature for businesses to market their products and services.

 This news might bring fresh air to the businesses across the regions. As EsportsPro, opens its door for the local and online businesses to range over a new set of digital audiences of local and global gaming communities; who could pave a leeway to expand their market presence. The platform rolls out its invitation to all kinds of businesses from essentials to non-essentials to register their details and take a dive into the gaming industry. This enables the gaming audiences to see the listed businesses’ products and services and possibly trigger a traffic which may drive an upward sales trajectory. EsportsPro have made it clear that this business listing opportunity is out rightly free and wants businesses to showcase their products & services to the platform users who are young, educated and engaged audiences.

“List your business and be known in the gaming community”.

Let’s understand the marketing potential in the esports industry:

Last year, the whole world was brought to a stand-still and lockdowns were the frequent affairs of 2020. If it is not for covid-19, not many today would be in a position to realise the enormity of the gaming industry which is expected to ease past $200 bn mark in revenue by 2023. The industry expansion is largely driven by the rising numbers of gamers and spectators each year which led to the rise of gaming influencers too who play a niche role in its development. By now, most businesses around the globe may have understood the size of the gaming industry and even may be intimidated by the size of the spectators it boasts. However, it’s highly important for the businesses to understand the nitty-gritties of the gaming audiences to firmly establish a natural engagement to pitch-in their brand values and care to cater their digitally-savvy esports fans. According to the 2019 Q3 Global Digital Statshot report, published by Data Reportel, nearly 1 billion people worldwide have watched video game tournaments. Esports fans are very diverse and mainly millennials, approximately 50% of them fall under the age group of 16–24 and 25–34 years respectively. The esports industry is growing at an unimaginable rate and businesses should embrace this opportunity of exclusivity to get as close to their target audiences.

“EsportsPro, simply thrives on the idea of promoting local businesses to much wider and larger audiences through its gaming & sponsorship platform”.

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