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TwoPointNet -The updates that you needed for staying ahead in the digital realm.

The updates that you needed for staying ahead in the digital realm.

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Sponsors for online esports tournaments and events

There are many sponsorships to come to the esports industry. However, the online esports tournament/event organisers have to look into their potential. First, they needed to understand from the sponsor’s perspective. The things that the sponsors will look for when they are ready to sponsor the event/tournament. Therefore, the sponsorship applicants needed to prepare themself. The sponsors want to gain prestige, improve their profile, reward themselves or their friends, gain access, sell their product, target their product, get free advertising and expand their market. Therefore, the organisers create the opportunity fulfil the sponsors expectations at some point. Here are some sponsoring opportunities that can be offered to the sponsors to choose from which can be created as a sponsorship package on EsportsPro


  • Overall tournament/event naming rights
  • Logo display on the streaming channel
  • Shoutouts to social media before/after and during the tournament 
  • Hashtag campaign before/after or during the tournament 
  • Logo update on tournament email Newsletters
  • Naming rights for the tournament/event time, such as part of a day tournament/event, a full day, weekend or week
  • Naming rights for an award or trophy
  • Naming rights to one of several tournaments/events
  • Demonstration or display opportunities
  • Print the logo on the Jersey 
  • Perimeter signage – full, partial or telecast view
  • Re-post, share and retweet the messages and images from sponsors via the social media channels
  • Display the sponsors logo on the streaming channel
  • Talk about the sponsors before/after/during the tournament streaming channel 

When it comes to esports and gaming, there are many benefits that the sponsors can get by sponsoring the online/offline events/tournaments. There are many sponsors who want to be involved with the esports industry don’t know how to get into the gaming/ Esports industry and they might not know about the benefits that they can get from this industry. Therefore, the sponsor pitcher needed to explain about their potential benefits by explaining about the audience numbers or streaming viewers numbers, social media followers and audience/players/viewers locations. 


The potential sponsors for the online esports tournaments and events. 


The online esports tournaments can get more viewers than local clubs sporting events and it's bigger than we think. Local club sporting events might not be broadcast on any channels but esports events can be broadcast via streaming channels. That is a reason, the giant brands are getting into the esports industry, the giants which are already involved with the industry are: Nike, RedBull, BMW, Nissan, Kia Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Puma, Adidas and PUMA. 


Here are some of the potential suggestions the tournament/event organiser can approach to get the sponsors. In the traditional way organisers can target the; Local cafes, restaurants, entrepreneurs, brands, Personal banking providers, Internet service providers, Mobile network providers, Gaming server service providers and gaming equipment suppliers, Local governments, TV channels, Radio stations, Energy Drinks, Protein supplements, 


In the millennial time, there are new opportunities from social media influencers and new streaming channels, Esports Teams, gaming cafes, gaming servers, gaming equipment suppliers, youtuber friends/influencers and streaming friends/influencers. Most of the popular youtubers and streamers giveaway to their followers and they might be interested sponsor in online tournaments as well.  In addition, online marketers, digital agencies, affiliate partners and many more that you can target. There are no restrictions or any other limit to reach other category sponsors. Some of the brands might not know where or how to get into the esports tournaments with trusted transaction agreement, therefor they couldn’t get into the esports. Now, the time has come to ease the hassle between organisers and sponsors. The EsportsPro is allowing sponsors and organisers to make a smooth transaction between both parties.  



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