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Friday, August 23, 2019

HUB23, a sport hub worldwide

Based on an Idea of Josep M. Monti, ancient spanish sportive and a huge team with first blockchain people, this is a project to connect with services of all sportive and e-sport business communities all together. If you are a federation, a club, a businessman in sport or e-sport you can contact me for a partnership to sustain this new ecosystem for good. WagerGames is partnership for good too.

Barcelona is launching a new SportsTech Hub23.

Over 100 startups and companies working with Sports & Fitness applied technologies have started cooperating to build a world-class Hub for the development of Sports & eSports technologies, the HUB23.  

Because Barcelona has one of the largest concentrations of sportscompanies in Europe, at the same its well-known for its highly dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem covering all the domains of IT innovation. These entities are now working together with the support of their local administration to achieve world-wide visibility, while creating a set of first-class common services to boost their full potential and further attract investment and talent from around the world”.

More informations :

Author: Virginie Guignard Legros
Explainer of things, advisor of WagerGames and Founder of the Cocoon.  


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