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Friday, August 23, 2019


CrypTalk is the first cryptocurrency social-media app. The app offers its users a variety of features to help them share their views on the crypto market. CrypTalk is designed to make the Crypto world transparent and accessible to all, helping users profit and succeed in the crypto space.

The app deals only with sharing information, and no transactions are executed through the application. Yet, its the best place to meet people with whom you want to trade cryptocurrencies. Because there are a lot of fake profiles in blockchain ecosystem, Eliran Levy and his team in Israël have imagined a trustworthy platform for people in cryptocurrencies which makes ID controls to have full access.
I have tested it for you in beta test and now I use it for business.
It is a great project which is  growing in blockchain community and could be helpful for a lot of us. 

Author: Virginie Guignard Legros
Explainer of things, advisor of WagerGames and Founder of the Cocoon.  

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