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TwoPointNet -The updates that you needed for staying ahead in the digital realm.

The updates that you needed for staying ahead in the digital realm.

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Monday, July 4, 2022

Leadership: Qualities of a Leader

 A leader in a team will and should have more knowledge in handling the task in the given period of time more efficiently.  The role of a leader in a team is to guide the team members rightfully in every possible way.  A good team leader always distribute the tasks evenly within the team and works with close association to achieve the target.  Many cases, just leader thinks of mentoring which may not give proper outputs. 

An outstanding leader will have technical skills as well dedication towards the task.  Many at times, the leader assigns the tasks and never bother to monitor the task till the end of due date.  The positive attitude of the team leader develop indirect strength and attentiveness within the team members.  Responsibility  and accountability are basic requirements for a good leader.  Encouragement is always needed when there is a decline or slow down of the work.  

Project leader should be ready with an alternate plan to face the unforseen conditions in a given period of time.  Moreover, the leader should not think of his qualities as the superior to any other or should not feel as he is a dictator.  One who mingles intellectually within the team members will remain as a time  good team leader for a long period of time.  Knowledge Sharing within the group can  be done by Team Leader.  A leader should aware that its not always suggestible to be logical in the aspects where emotional is required.  A good leader will encourage for a system-centric approach rather person-centric approach.  One should be capable of facing a clap or slap efficiently.

An efficient team leader will work out the tasks on execution of the given task with a proper planning, more practical in the implementation, coordinating within the team and resources support.  A proper communication within the team will help in removing any misunderstanding within the team.


Proper authorship and recognition  of the team members work will indirectly increase the leaders capacity within the project. Finally, Sincerity is the most vital connectivity for a leader to lead the team in a  right direction.

Recommendations to ensure good quality management practices

- Appreciating the employees then and there, those who really put beyond hundred percent commitments in to the project.
- Recognising the employees in front the clients.
- Suppliers should be selected and evaluated by having a proper supplier scorecard. This creates a good understanding between the organisation and the supplier goals and objectives.
- The training should be given prior to the assignment of a task in a project. This could be helpful for the management which will train the members of the project for desired specifications.
- Lessons-learned should be documented then and there not after the completion of a project. 
- Intranet based lessons-learned approach should be implemented and an easier way to retrieve the document and reuse of lessons-learned in the past projects.
- Creating a case studies of the past projects’ lessons which should contain mistakes and success occurred in the project.
- During the project closure, project documentation should be archived properly. This would be helpful for future projects success.
- Doing quality management and competitiveness analysis will benefit an organisation to deliver quality projects in future.

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