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TwoPointNet -The updates that you needed for staying ahead in the digital realm.

The updates that you needed for staying ahead in the digital realm.

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Friday, July 8, 2022

Effective Leadership Through Cricket Analogy (Part - IV)

Keep the team members focused throughout the project by creating a dressing room environment

The former Australian test cricket captain, Steve Waugh said that during his early days of leadership he found very hard to turn things in to desired results mainly due to the lack of clarity to go with the task. Since the situation persisted for too long than he thought. He then, decided to scribe a blue print which would give his team members a clear-cut approach to the desired goal (i.e. cricket world cup 1999). By taking his approach, a few points for project team members. Such as,

Create a healthy environment by sharing each other’s success.

Remember we are not competing with each other; we are competing together for one common goal.

 Consider very day of your project is vital. Literally no clemency for being slack or complacent.

Always give (more than you could) your best with a right frame of mind. 

Do not afraid to fall flat on your face while trying new ideas. However never miscommunicate with your team leader, irrespective of the outcome.

Create an attitude to learn from your mistakes. Do not succumb to the mistakes you made. Instead, device a plan to overcome those mistakes to bring the project on track.

Take pride in your work. Do not let it to your head because it could bring you down and affect the team mercilessly.

It’s very important to know that how effective you could fit in to your assigned role.

Never take it off from your mind that if a team embraces a proper communication channel. Then it never derails from its path to the desired goal.

Play a happy-go-lucky character to lift your team’s morale when they have nowhere to look to. 

How important it is for a leader to be in a right frame of mind during crisis?

A leader should act in the best interests of the team by placing his personal agendas aside. In this case, the perfect fit to the scenario is Australia’s former test cricket captain Mark Taylor. In my opinion, who inculcated one of the bravest acts as a leader of a side by placing the best interests of his team in pursuing the goal of retaining the cricket’s greatest prize: The Ashes. Usually, any touring captain who tours to the shores of Old Trafford would come down with a simple strategy which is to win the toss and put the opposition in to bat without any hesitation. In this case, much to everyone’s surprise the Australian captain chose to bat first instead putting the opposition under the knife. At the touring visitors’ arena, the news was not embraced so graciously after receiving the message from their captain that “Guys we are in to bat”. Why the decision was not welcomed? Interestingly, why anyone would go out to bat on a gloomy-coldish day with plenty of grass on the wicket and ever so importantly trailing the series 1-0 down. It rather seemed very obviously wanting to be crucified by the in-form English bowlers. After all the hush in the change room, none of the team members realised that it’s their captain who intended to take the first shot. The reason behind for his courageous decision was that on day 4 and 5 of the test match, the wicket offers plenty of purchase for spinners. Considering the fact one of his enlisted team member Shane Warne, who is arguably the greatest leg-spinner of the game was in his armoury. In this scenario, it indicates that a project leader should take courageous steps for the best interests of the team to attain the goal with effective proficiency of resourcefulness.

Ability: To understand the players’ point of view and needs, as discussed earlier.

Attitude: To acknowledge the mistakes made and carry the team forward in crisis. The ego of superiority should be lynched by placing the team at front.

Passion: To lead a team selflessly to one common goal. 

The above three qualities could be inter-related to the stakeholders’ analysis:

Ability to deduce the stakeholders’ requirements. 

Attitude to acknowledge the requirements and device a plan to accomplish the requirements.

Passion to keep the stakeholders on the active page of the project without leading to any vagueness. 

Nothing more than this require for a leader to lead a team and to master the concept of leadership. It is that simple and profound to one’s acceptance and with that, THE END!!!

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